AMATA BENE [ AB ] well loved + loved well. [ AB ] is beauty, form and function in luxurious balance. Handmade by the best artisans in the world's finest ateliers and from the most exquisite, ethically-sourced exotic skins, [ AB ] offers old world quality in modern form.

The [ AB ] collection is designed in NYC and made in Ubrique, Spain. Obsessed with quality, detail and sustainability, [ AB ] produces in a slow fashion ethos on a small scale to bring you the finest, consciously-made products. All [ AB ] pieces carry a unique serial number and are made to last forever.

[ AB ] cares. Our foundation is the notion of loving well. Because we care we give back to nature. For every [ AB ] piece sold we make a donation to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Because we care we work respectfully, responsibly, ethically, and sustainably at every step of sourcing and production. We know you care too. [ AB ] is for the person who loves beautiful things but also cares about preserving the health and beauty of the natural environment as heritage for future generations.

[ AB ] well loved + loved well.


AMATA BENE [ AB ] was established by Adriana de Icaza and Julio Gamboa . Born in the same coastal town in the North of Spain, the two only met once living in NYC in 2013. Both creatives, Julio, a fashion photographer, and Adriana, a fabric stylist, soon felt compelled to create beauty together.

[ AB ] brings together their aesthetic and production values into something undeniably beautiful. For Adriana and Julio beauty is aesthetic, but also ethical, responsible, respectful, and sustainable. Through AMATA BENE Julio and Adriana translate these values into luxury atemporal pieces made to last. Pieces made with love and that will be loved - AMATA BENE.